A Quick Guide to Traveling Grand Cayman with a Baby

One of the things I love about Grand Cayman is how quiet and family oriented it is. This makes it really nice and easy to get around with a baby. We have a 1o month old and wanted to ensure she could have fun, enjoy the food, relax, keep up with her nap schedule, and try out the water for the first time. We stayed at the Kaibo Yacht Club Condos for seven nights. This was my second time to Grand Cayman and my husbands third time. We spent most of our time at Rum Point during the day so I’ll share from that experience!


Right across the street from the airport is the car rental and you can strap your carseat into the car. To Rum Point it’s about a 45 minute drive (on the left side of the road) but it’s not bad.

Things to Do

Cayman really allows for flexibility whether there’s a lot of excursions you want to go on or if you prefer to lounge by the water, you have options! There was the ocean just ten yards from our backdoor at Kaibo, a shaded pool next door, at then a 2 minute drive to Rum Point which has hammocks, beach chairs, food and drinks you can order and excursions that you can book from Rum Point. We chose to spend the most of our time walking on the beach, sitting and reading, laying in hammocks, and swimming at the pool. It made it very easy to get around with a 10 month old and keep up our nap schedule, and help her have fun. She LOVED floating in the pool, watching the birds at the beach, sitting in the sand and eating rice & beans for lunch, or napping in a hammock.


The food and drinks you can order at Rum Point for lunch is AMAZING. We really enjoyed the fish & chips and rice & beans. For dinner, options at Grand Cayman are slightly limited but not in a bad way. Luckily from our condos, we could walk out the back door and take a two minute walk barefoot down the beach to Kaibo, the most beautiful dinner spot with outdoor twinkly lights.


We found ourselves waking up at 7am – Ali’s normal waking time, and walking out our door to the sand to look for starfish in the water, walking down the beach for coffee, driving to Rum Point to nap and read, float in the pool, or lay under a cozy cabana. The shade was great for her baby skin and it’s so quiet that we didn’t feel like there were crazy crowds to navigate. There are cruise ships that doc at Rum Point but there’s plenty of little beach areas to be to relax.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions on Cayman or Rum Point! You can email me at kyliethompsonphotography@gmail.com, or DM me on insta @kyliethompsonphotography