5 Ways to Prepare for a Maternity Session

I LOVE capturing maternity sessions. It’s such a special time when you’re sweetly and anxiously anticipating the arrival of a new human into the world. When you get a maternity session, there are some important things to remember. These are things I tell all of my clients right before a maternity session and I thought I’d share with you all today!

Consider Your Comfortability with Moving 

If there was a billboard for the most immobile pregnant woman on the planet, my face would be plastered on it. It hurt SO bad just to lift my leg six inches to step into my car. I’ve been there done that so I know how painful it can be. Consider how easily you can move around. This is something I’ll talk to you openly about if you have a session with me so that we can choose a location you can navigate easily.


Schedule Before You’re 36 Weeks

Of course no one can predict the future but the safest time to schedule your maternity session is before you’re 36 weeks pregnant so there’s less of a chance you could go into labor before (or during) the session.


Be Close to a Restroom 

Haha… this is pretty self explanatory. The baby thinks your bladder is a squeeze toy. This is my way of telling you we won’t be hiking in the wilderness for your maternity session.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

Even though we won’t be walking or hiking in cray locations, outdoor photoshoots are still really great. In case it’s a 10 minute walk or that there’s no paved path, it’s smart to be in comfy and sturdy shoes. Bonus, if you’re wearing a floor length dress, no one can tell what shoes are underneath.


Dress Like a Queen 

You are a queen and you should dress like one. Use the opportunity to wear a long and flowy dress that makes you feel beautiful.

These are the five things I always tell my clients of maternity sessions ahead of time. Email me with any questions and if you have a baby bump, reach out to me to book a session: hello@kyliethompsonphotography.com.