3 Ways to Take Better Photos of 1 Year Olds

I talked about how to master photographing kids but one year olds are their own unique group that can require some different needs. Sometimes they’re walking by then but nonverbal, other times they’re only crawling… it can be difficult to have them stay in one place and listen to your guidance from the camera but after photographing many one year olds, here’s what’s helped me and I hope it helps you too.


Have A Station for Them to Stand

This is HUGE for helping them to stand still. Whether they’re walking or not, when they can lean on a stool, chair, bench, or platform – it helps them stay still and allows them to feel in control of their environment.


Use Props

I always bring a few items to my photoshoots that the one year old can hold onto whether it’s a fake flower, a small toy, a ball or perhaps an ornament if it’s a Christmas session. This keeps them occupied in a way that prevents them from darting away from you and gets them to sit or stand still for a bit.


Play Music on Your Phone

There are so many cute cartoon music videos on YouTube that you can pull up on your phone and show them next to your camera that will catch their attention and (BONUS) make them smile. I play these for my daughter from time to time during photoshoots and she loves it.

These have helped me photograph one year olds and I hope it works well for you. DM me on instagram @kyliethompsonphotography to let me know how it went for you.